Theme from 'Nuts' - Arranged and Conducted by John Beal

“I’ve been a fan of John Beal’s for years! John is a wonderful “A-List” composer, conductor, arranger, and musician and should be on everyone’s First Call list as a conductor for recording sessions and concerts.”
~~Award-winning Composer/Conductor William Ross.

“I had the pleasure of witnessing John Beal conduct the world’s greatest musicians. The respect and affection that John just naturally commanded with this group of “seen ‘em all” professionals is something that has really stuck with me through the years. The definition of a standard of excellence.” 
Director Gregory McClatchy

Award-winning television and film composer and veteran conductor John Beal’s career spans from stage to recording, to theatrical and television films and documentaries, major network television series, variety shows and network specials, and he is recognized as one of Hollywood’s most prolific composers of original scores for motion picture trailers.